Annual Report

Annual Report 2008

Commissioned Researches

The Project on Energy Technology Development and Diffusion(a METI-sponsored project)


(1) International Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Development Project
-Organizing an international climate change symposium on efficient energy use

a) The international symposium
 GISPRI and Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) jointly organized a symposium on 15 October, 2007 at Keidanren Conference Hall to discuss and explore on how to forge an international Post-Kyoto framework to cope with climate change. Professor Daniel Bodansky (University of Georgia School of Law) and other experts were invited as keynote speakers. It was as a place to exchange useful information and experiences focusing on sectoral approach. The symposium attracted about 300 participants from businesses, academia, media, governments, foreign embassies in Japan among others.

b) Research on the trend of US climate policies  We have studied US climate change policies, energy policies, NGOs’ responses and actions, and a range of international energy and climate agreements, in order to contribute for developing strategies on a Post-Kyoto framework for Japan.

c) Climate-related research
 We compiled and created 361 databases to include extensive articles and literatures overseas on climate change. Also created were reports to analyze information on the UNFCCC international transaction log to register ownerships and transfers of emissions credits (allowances) from its Secretariat.

(2) Research on environmental measures(IPCC AR4 WG-III Industry Outreach Workshop)

 IPCC Outreach Event on AR4 Working Group III
 GISPRI invited IPCC Secretariat, lead authors of AR4 and industry experts for the workshop on 6 March, 2008 at Keidanren Hall, Tokyo to disseminate information on the findings of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) Working Group III for the business community in Japan. A wide range of views were presented in the discussion session, most of which were very thought-provoking and useful. We had over two hundred participants. Nippon Keidanren was the organizer of the event, while GISPRI worked as its secretariat.

(3) Related research on designing an efficient energy exchange(research on international trend and communication project)

a) Japan/US/EU Trilateral Symposium
 GISPRI invited 14 business experts and researchers from home and abroad to hold a three-party (Japan, US and EU) symposium under the theme of Post-Kyoto international framework and sectoral approach, on March 10, 2008 at Keidanren Hall, Tokyo, with the support of Japan Business Federation. The symposium addressed commitments from various business sectors and future international architectures to fight against climate change, focusing on sector-specific approach. More than 400 business people attended the event.

b)  Research on Potential Post-Kyoto International Frameworks
 To help contribute in the consideration of potential international frameworks, we investigated international climate policies and U.S. legislative move including the development of Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, relationships with WTO and Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs), and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).