Research Commitee Report
Report of the Research Committee on
"Sustainable Socio-economic System and Corporate Social Responsibility"


In order to firmly incorporate the concept of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the society, rather than to let it pass as a fad of one-time, it will be necessary to encourage corporations to address individual issues under the light of CSR, and to develop a favorable environment and system to promote it further.

For this purpose, the Japanese society should: (1) define how to position CSR in the future vision of a society, start creating a vision of CSR for this purpose and set a platform for building such a vision; (2) extend the scope of corporate information disclosure and disseminate CSR training as a mean to support the growth of a civil society and the enhancement of stakeholders awareness, which are essential for promoting CSR in corporations; and (3) build a network of corporations and stakeholders to reinforce measures for CSR issues, such as employment and human rights, which are important issues requiring immediate solution and improvement, while proceeding with the creation of a suitable platform for exchanges and associations, including dialogues, discussions, and forums among and within governments, businesses and other stakeholders.

CSR training has just started in Europe, but its effects are not materialized, yet. Under the extensive support from governments and businesses, their CSR training is actively developed and expanded. To transfer such training program to Japan may require some adjustments in consideration of differences in languages and cultural backgrounds. However, it is possible to regard the European training program as a model.

The result of our survey of prominent corporate assessment organizations in Europe and America showed that each organization would have a different strategy for future direction, despite many common features in their assessment methods. The survey also indicated the lack of necessary information for proper assessment as the common problems pertaining to corporations.