The Institute

Name Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute (GISPRI)
Establishment GISPRI was established as a public interest corporation on December 1, 1988, under the provisions of Article 34 of the Civil Code and the authorization of the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
Objective GISPRI aims to conduct research in a broad spectrum of issues related to global resources, environment, international regimes, industry, economy, culture and society, based on its awareness that the role and responsibility of Japan in the international community has been mounting in tandem with Japan’s increasing economic and social presence. GISPRI also seeks to present policy proposals based on its research and surveys for both domestic and international entities, while promoting exchange of information and ideas to help contribute to the prosperity of the global society.
Major Activities 1. Research and Studies
1)Research and Studies
Conduct research on global resources and environmental issues and explore how to build new international systems and facilitate interactions between the economy and industry as well as the society and culture.
2)Policy Proposals
Organize and coordinate GISPRI forums and other meetings for both domestic and international entities to recommend comprehensive policies on various issues that need to be addressed globally.
3)Joint Research
Share and exchange research data and personnel through joint research with domestic and international research bodies.
4)Other ActivitiesOrganize symposiums and seminars and distribute e-mail newsletter “GISPRI Newsletter.”
2. Projects to Succeed and Develop the Basic Philosophy of the EXPO 2005
1)As part of “EXPO 2005 commemorative projects,” GISPRI will manage the intellectual property rights of Morizo and Kiccoro, the official mascots of the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan (hereinafter called EXPO 2005), and maintain custody of official published documents and photo collections and provide the achievements and other information of the EXPO using these records and images.
2)As part of “projects to convey the achievements of EXPO 2005,” GISPRI will provide assistance to entities or projects that would inherit and pass down the basic philosophy of the EXPO 2005 at future international expositions, through organizing booths and/or academic symposia under the theme of “Nature’s Wisdom.”
3)As part of “EXPO 2005 practical application projects,” GISPRI will provide support and subsidize not-for-profit social programs that match the basic philosophy of the EXPO 2005 to further promote its ideals.