Symposiums and Seminars
16th GISPRI Symposium

"How the 21st Century Japanese Society
 accepts foreigners"

The Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute has established a Research Committee to “Consider the Multi-cultural Symbiotic Society,” chaired by Prof. Kazuaki Tezuka of the Chiba University’s Graduate School.  The Committee has had extensive discussions and addressed issues to be resolved for the Japanese Society to smoothly accept foreign workers, to provide them fair treatment, and to allow their participation in building a sustainable Japanese Society.

Major agenda discussed at the Research Committee include: (i) the processes from the admission of foreign workers into the country to their registry at authorities, (ii) the employment of foreign workers, (iii) social security services for foreign workers and the education services to their children, and (iv) the criminal activities of foreigners and the prevention of such crimes.

This Symposium aims to pursue the concrete improvement measures for above issues, including the development of favorable environment and the reforms and modifications of laws and regulations, with the ultimate purpose of developing a policy proposal for building a sustainable society in Japan.

In regards to the main issue of this Symposium, the migration of foreign workers, the Symposium finds the trend in Europe as the precedent.  As a direct result of the EU’s expansion, the “migration of people,” and the “freedom of businesses and employment,” have become the major conflicting issues between former West European countries and the former East European countries.

In this Symposium, we plan to hold sessions to address international comparison studies concerning the aforementioned issues as well as the issue of migrants from the outside of EU region, with lectures and panel discussions participated by the guest speakers invited from Germany and Poland.

Jan. 2006
Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute

Date : 31 Jan. 2006 (Tue.) 10:00 〜 17:15 (Reception desk will open at 9:30)
(For further information, please refer to the attached program.)
Place : U Thant Conference Hall, United Nations University (Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available)

UN University
Host : Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute(GISPRI)
Co-Sponsored by : Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Admission : 3,000JPY except for invited guest
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10:00-10:05   Opening remarks by Mr. Shinji Fukukawa, Senior Advisor,
Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute
10:05-10:20   Keynote Address by Prof. K.Tezuka, Chiba Univ.
 “Towards Multi-cultural Society”
10:20-10:45   Lecture by Prof. P. Hanau, Koeln Univ., Germany
 “Employment of foreign workers and social equity”
10:45-12:15   Session 1: Japan's Industrial structure, its prospect of demographical structure and foreign workers

Panel discussion by:
Akira Takanashi, Iwao Fujimasa, Hiroshi Inoue and Yoshihide Esaki
Facilitator: Goro Ono
12:15-13:20   Lunch break
13:20-13:50   Lecture by Dr.Ewa Flaszynska, Head of Division, Labor Market Department, Ministry of Economy and Labor, Polish Government
 “Labor force migration within EU and its future prospects”
13:50-15:20   Session 2: Lessons learned from the immigrant issues in Europe

Panel discussion by: Ewa Flaszynska, Kazuaki Tezuka, and Hisa-aki Fujikawa
Facilitator: Shigehiro Ikegami
15:20-15:40   Coffee break
15:40-17:10   Session 3: Model study of sustainable admission of foreign workers

Panel discussion by:
Peter Hanau, Tadao Kiyonari, Yasunori Nakayama and Hiroshi Hasegawa
Facilitator: Hisa-aki Fujikawa
17:10-17:15   Closing remarks by Kotaro Kimura, Executive Director,
Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute

Participant list
Peter Hanau,   Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Koeln, Germany
Ewa Flaszynska,   Head of Division, Department of Labour Market, Ministry of Economy and Labour, Polish Government
Kazuaki Tezuka,   Professor of Labour & Social-Law, Law School of Chiba University
Tadao Kiyonari,   Professor Emeritus, Former President, Advisor, Strategic Planning, Hosei University
Akira Takanashi,   Professor Emeritus, Shin-shu University
Goro Ono,   Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Saitama University
Iwao Fujimasa,   Research Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Hiroshi Hasegawa,   Mayer of Oh-izumicho, Gumma Pref.
Hiroshi Inoue,   Deputy Director of General Administration, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
Hisa-aki Fujikawa,   Associate Professor(Labour Law), Manager of Aoyama Law School, Faculty of Law, Aoyama Gakuin University
Shigehiro Ikegami,   Associate Professor, Department of International Culture, Faculty of Cultural Policy & Management, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Yoshihide Esaki,   Director, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)
Yasunori Nakayama,   Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

  Please note herewith this program may be modified without prior notice based on speakers schedule etc.