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The Japanese Government shall actively undertake measures to reduce and limit global emission of greenhouse gas by contributing to the early establishment of international criteria through the promotion of Activities Implemented Jointly in the pilot phase until (year 2000) such a time when the international criteria for Joint Implementation shall be established.

Especially, Japan finds the importance in actively promoting AIJ projects mainly in the Asiatic region where it has had strong and geographic affiliation and in which a drastic increase in greenhouse gas emission is anticipated in association with the rapid economic growth projected for future.

The Japanese Government shall undertake the following policies in order to support the measures undertaken by industries, local governments and NGO, and promote the informational exchanges with other nation Parties:

  1. To hold workshops domestically and internationally to promote the exchange of information pertinent to the Activities Implemented Jointly.

  2. In order to promote projects carried principally by domestic entities, study various incentives (for example, the budget appropriation for monitoring and feasibility studies).

  3. Plan to establish "Forum to Promote Activities Implemented Jointly" which will facilitate the exchange of opinions and information between governments and project participating entities, in order to actively advance the Japan Programme for the Activities Implemented Jointly.

(On March 14 and May 16 of this year, the preparatory meetings for the establishment of the Forum were held in Japan and the opinions were exchanged regarding the future direction.)

The date to commence the invitation of applications for the Second Phase Projects and its duration shall be discussed among the relevant ministries and agencies in future.