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On July 5, 1996, the ministries and agencies concerned in the Japan Programme for Activities Implemented Jointly, mainly the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Environmental Agency, authorized the following 11 projects as the First Phase Projects under the Programme. (The execution of the Activities Implemented Jointly, however, requires the official consents of the governments of partner Parties.)

The principle projects authorized are:

  1. Project to recover heat efficiency of existing thermal power plants through operational improvement (Thailand)
  2. Local Electrification Project in Indonesia (Indonesia)
  3. Model Project for coke dry quenching system (China)
  4. Project to improve combustion of small-sized coal boilers (China)
  5. Local Electrification Project using solar panels (Indonesia)
  6. Forestation Project (Malaysia)
  7. Forestation Project (Indonesia)
  8. Reforestation Project using local tree species (Kenya)
  9. Volcanic Wasteland Forestation Project (Indonesia)
  10. Experimental Forestation Project (Indonesia)
  11. Desert Rim Forestation Project (Inner Mongolia, China)